Monday, October 26, 2009

Chasing your Dreams

Well let me not confuse you with the title of my new blog..This has nothing to deal with day dreaming !! After writing on a diverse topics i felt like writing about something that has been bothering me off late. The key issue here is of self identity and a sense of purpose in life..Now you may start wondering what's wrong with this bloke. Nothing wrong's an outcome of introspection and talking to my friends/peers. A lot of us in our mid 30s are suffering from what is often called 'MLC' (mid life crisis). A phase of our life when we start questioning our sense of purpose, aims and achievements. What we often forget is decisions are point in time and now that you are wiser (hope we are ;) ) one looks at ways to make your life more fulfilling. Well i am sure this last line could stir many a emotion but what i am trying to get at is looking at ways to make Ur existence more meaningful. A lot of us had hobbies we developed in school and college which just got lost once we entered the workforce and got stuck up in a silly 'rat race'. I have been reflecting on these thoughts and realized how much i used to enjoy writing before and how little i have written in the last 5 yrs. Now let me be honest here i never dreamt being a full time writer but i must confess after writing this blog i seem to be enjoying writing a lot more than anything i have done in these 5 yrs. Which brings me to a bigger question? Why don't we 'Chase our Dreams'? Some people find their nirvana in corporate success but i guess there a good number of such people who enjoy doing stuff they picked up as hobbies or alternate careers but never pursued beyond a certain point. We had our reasons to be rats but now that we have a chance to be human again why not give it a shot. It could just open the door to new possibilities and opportunities. And when we look at people around i am sure we would find quite a few examples of people who at a certain point of their lives changed course and did something very different. A friend from school (now a renowned writer of graphic novels) in one such example that comes to mind of someone who always wanted to chase his own dreams. It must have taken a lot of guts and conviction to do something so different and chart your own course in life which i am sure had a lot of challenges. Think of Chetan Bhagat as well who gave up a successful career in I-Banking to be a full time author. While i am sure it could be argued that he is a successful writer which is why he quit a career in banking. The key message i am trying to get across is why did he take up writing in the first place..he must have enjoyed it which made him write 3 books while being employed. Dreams have a great effect on human live' makes us ignites a spark in us..we all had it as kids and teenagers..we lose it as we get involved in the nit tie grit ties of day to day living..and in the race to make a living..
What is the harm in dreaming a bit more..and doing something to chase those dreams..while it is easy to find excuses for not finding time what we often forget is the amount of joy a hobby or passion can provide can bring in a sense of fulfillment and desire to do things we haven't done for long. So what stops us..we can find many reasons but the answer is simple..our biggest hurdle is ourselves..we need to start exploring and finding ways that make our existence more why shy away from a long forgotten dream..its never too late to start a hobby or passion..or maybe more who knows.
I want to keep it blogs be it in some other long as i have a story to tell or an experience to share or a point to make..who knows one day it could lead to a book..i want to keep the 'spark' alive and dream a bit more..What about you?