Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Alma Mater

After a couple of hectic weeks at work i finally decided that it was high time to write a blog. I decided to pen a few thoughts on 'Alma Mater'. The word has a Latin origin meaning 'nourishing mother' and implies the nourishment students receive at their chosen college of study.
It took me back down memory lane to my Alma mater - ISM Dhanbad. Its funny as a young boy (tempted to say man) i found my experiences a strange mix of fun and boredom. Being from a metropolis i was apprehensive about life in a small town in Jharkhand (erstwhile Bihar) and the first few semesters found me heading home frequently in the weekends. But hostel life caught on in my second year as i developed my own friend's cycle and common interests took a lot of my free time and the boredom actually disappeared. But now when i look back at those years in fondness and nostalgia i appreciate what i learnt in those years was much more than what could be taught in classrooms or labs. Hostel life was my first experience outside home and it was great melting pot where you had people from all strata's of society and many different parts of the country. It was a great leveller when you found guys who had topped school or state level athletes as your wing mates. It kind of changed your perspective of life which till then had been self driven. Now you were in large amphitheatre like a performer. You also learnt the finer nuances of handling people and first attempts at working in teams. The lessons were learnt the hard way but its funny when i look back at those years i realize how flexible we were in adapting in new situations. I remember one summer day in 95 we were doing a survey in Bokaro and got chased out of the place by pro-Jharkand activists. Or the day when a couple of us climbed the water tank stairway (some ten stories of vertical stairs !!) just because someone just felt like doing it.
There were bitter differences of opinions and you had your taste of fending for oneself. It was indeed the making of boys to men. It was also a great transformation for a lot of us into 'compulsive rockers' and lovers of psychedelic rock. Sometimes when i look back at those years i wonder how it would be to have one large reunion to meet all our peers and friends. That's easier said than one given the fact that people are scattered all over the world. I would like to pay a visit one day to pay my tribute to those 'wonder years'.
Can one ever forget the long walks on the campus, the tea at RD's, or the mess dinners, the booze parties and the long chats into the wee hours of the morning..maybe i shall write more some day..