Tuesday, November 25, 2014

To write and write what?

Its been a long time since i blogged. In this day and age where there is so much happening. It makes you wonder as a writer/blogger (now don't get into semantics ;)) about what to write. I have been facing this dilemma for last couple of years ever since i toyed with the idea of writing a book. Would it be fiction or non-fiction? Thanks to modern writers there is no shortage of 'genres' and topics. That leads to the dilemma..what do you write about. My first attempt at writing fiction was 'Boys of Summer' based loosely on my experiences as a field geologist and with some additional characters introduced to fictionalize the story. Unfortunately i never managed to go beyond the story. There were self doubts whether i could really write a book and keep it interesting enough. My second attempt was with my colleague and brother in arms Arnab. (hope you read this blog and smile about it). We worked on a couple of consulting gigs together (engagement is so boring while gig sounds happening!!)..we planned a book on Information Management "Enterprise Information Management in Today's Businesses". We worked on the table of contents and i managed to write the first chapter. Laziness, boredom and plain indifference led to the book not progressing beyond that point.
A couple of years past and early this year i got back to this idea of book writing. This time i had a point to prove to myself. Choose a subject which was interesting enough and then finish the book !
So here i am after 9 months of labour. My debut book 'A Journey Through 100 Years of Indian Cinema' arrived online last week. It was a load of my chest in many ways. Many have asked me why such a subject. The reason is two fold - one i have been a quizzer and two i have an interest in Indian Cinema. What made me also write this book was limited number of quiz books on Indian Cinema. I hope my work can reach all quizzer with an interest in Indian films. So i am doing my best to spread word about this book.
Do watch this space..for this is only the beginning..there is more to come next year ;)